8-20-2013 - West Concord

Service has been upgraded in West Concord. Now we have transmitters on both north and south side of West Concord, in hopes to cover the area well. This area like all of our areas have both Business and Residential connection at speeds up to 300mbps.

8-18-2013 - Fair Time

Radio Link Internet has now finished another season of county fairs. The turn out has been great. Looking forward to be back next year. Be sure to come check us out, we always love to talk to new and current customers.

6-13-2013 - Hartland

The Hartland, MN area has now joined the long list of areas that Radio Link Internet now covers. If you have been waiting for better service, RLI is now here to help.

5-10-2013 - St. Olaf Lake

Service has been expanded to residents of St Olaf Lake. Although this location was not part of our 2013 build-out, Radio Link Internet sought to fill the gap left by the previous provider ceasing to provide service to the area. Radio Link Internet does its best to provide all communities fast, reliable internet service. If you have a house or cabin on St Olaf Lake and want to take your internet experience to the next level, call us today!

4-27-2013 - Waterville

Radio Link Internet is now up and running in Waterville. If you have been waiting for service in this location you don't have to wait any longer. We can provide service up to 30mbps in your area.

4-19-2013 - Upgrades

Radio Link Internet is now underway on our 2013 build out. This includes a massive upgrade to all tower sites to bring even faster and redundant services. The Waterville site is going to be worked on as soon as mother nature changes from winter to spring!

1-2-2013 - Plan Changes

Radio Link Internet changed our internet plans. As always customers are getting more for less. RLI has drop are rates for 3 years in a row now. More good things to come this year.


Expanded service between Medford and Morristown area.


Expanded service between the Blooming Prairie and Claremont area.


New service is available in the West Concord area.


Back haul upgrade has started, RLI is working hard to upgrade our network to provide faster services.


Service expanded in the city of Geneva.


New Service plans released. Still working on more sites, and better services.


Our Website got a face lift. This is still a work in progress, but a much needed change. Check back for other updates to the site.


Towers and Maps for the New Richland and Pemberdorf towers are online. High resolution maps will be available shortly. Anyone wanting service in these areas call today to get scheduled.


Two new sites are going online. One of those sites are just north of New Richland on the new cell tower there and the second one is between Waldorf and Pemberton on a cell tower just north of hwy 83. If the weather holds these towers should be online before Monday. Stay tuned for more information on these sites.


New service area Oakland, MN. RLI's mission is to bring real high speed internet to places that don't have it. This is yet another example of this in action. Those of you in this area can now experience internet at the speed of life.

Also there is now a repeater between Ellendale and Blooming Prairie. This site has not be fully completed, but is online and working.


Two new sites are online. The areas around Claremont and Blooming Prairie, RLI now provides service to.

Also RLI will have RLI branded apparel for sale in the next few weeks. We encourage everyone who enjoys the internet the way it should be, please purchase something to show off your pride.

If you are a facebook lover, then check us out at, and click on the "like" button.


Installations have started again. This winter most everyone was put on hold due to safety reasons. Also, RLI is looking at bring on more sites near Blooming Prairie. Be sure to check out the coverage map and check back often to see where the coverage will grow.


Our coverage area has now expanded. Ellendale area is now online and is ready for business.

Also we have changed our e-mail address to, so please make the changes to your address books.


We have new plans with faster speeds. So once again you will get even more for your money.


Today we are adding services to the Meriden area. With a lot of help from everyone we have successfully been granted permission for transmitters at this location. A new coverage map should be posted in two weeks with the new coverage area. If you are in these areas and would like to pre-order service, we would be happy to take your information and get you setup as soon as we get our test complete.


Came back from the military and changed the name to Radio Link Internet. Starting new build outs to bring service to the county. Completely changed all my network equipment to include the radios. Also started using license links to interconnect my towers.


Left for the Air Force.


Started Daniel Petsinger's Network. All with an ISDN line and 2-way satellite for my service and 802.11b gear to connect my customers. Serving up faster internet then dialup connections.