Wireless Internet Technician

Job Description:
The Wireless Internet Technician will work independently with guidance to set up new customers with internet. Checks signal strength and service availability at specified locations, determine antenna placement and obtain permission from customer, mount antenna, route cable into house, terminate cable, put in required equipment (power injector, routers), program equipment, connect at least one computer to internet and confirm/verify correct service is received, enter customers data into billing system, explain user agreement to customer and obtain signature.

Basic Qualifications:
• Read and understand GPS as well as hard maps
• Knowledge of Windows based operating systems
• Understand web-based applications
• Understand network services

Additional Qualifications:
• Must have good communication skills
• Physically able to complete tasks (up to 50lbs)
• Must be conscientious of time
• Must be able to climb ladders
• Net+ Certification

License: preferred, MN Power Limited Technician License

Pay scale: salaried

Work Hours: Monday - Friday; 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.; evening and weekend on-call. Must be flexible.


Job Purpose:
Install, maintain, and troubleshoot wireless internet connections

Set up and install wireless internet in customers home.

MN power limited technician license (preferred but not required)
Windows based operating system
Web based applications
Network services

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