Q: I have a lot of trees, will this be a problem?

A: Yes, this system works with line of sight. This means if you can see our tower then you can get service. If you don't have a clear line of sight then there are other things that can be worked out at the owners expense.


Q: I already have internet through another provider with e-mail and web space, will I get to keep them?

A: No, most providers will delete your e-mail and web space when you leave them. We DO NOT provided e-mail services from us. We will make sure every user has an online/free e-mail account (Hotmail, Gmail, or AOL) before everything is setup.


Q: Does someone need to be at home for you to install the system?

A: Yes, someone listed on the account needs to be at the site for site survey and installation. Most of the time this will happen the same day. A normal installation is about 2 hours depending on issues that may come up.


Q: Can we just connect this service to a computer?

A: Yes, but that is very unsecured and you are at a higher risk of being hacked. We recommend running a router to help protect you.


Q: How many computers can connect to the internet.

A: This service is meant for a small network (1-10) of computers, but you can always connect as many and you need.


Q: If my computer can't load up, do we call you?

A: No, if your computer can't even get to a web browser then you need to call tech support for your system. We will however provide a Help Desk for internet only issues, not computer issues. You can reach us at 507-417-4176, leave a message and someone will call you back.


Q: Can I run my own web server, e-mail server, or any other servers?

A: No, unless you have a Business Plan, or a Home Server Plan you can not run any servers at all.


Q: Can we connect up an IP camera to this connection?

A: Again No, unless you have a Business Plan. You can always contact us if you are wanted to run a server from a residential service, this can be added for a small fee.


Q: I need more then one Public IP address, how do I get another one?

A: You will have to connect us to be setup for multiple Public IP addresses.


Q: Can I resell my internet to my neighbors?

A: No, you can not sell any of the internet that we provide in any of our plans. If your neighbors can't get service you can contact us to see if we can put up a repeater for your location.


Q: What frequencies are you using, and will it affect my home WiFi access point?

A: We use 900Mhz, 2.4Ghz, 3.65Ghz and 5Ghz bands. Our system will not have any impact on your home wireless network.