Do you want to go faster on the internet? Do you have the internet? Get Radio Link Internet, our internet is always on, very fast and reliable. Since our service uses the airwaves, there is no phone lines needed. We just install a small antenna on your home and you're ready to surf away.

I bet you have thought about renting movies over the internet, but you live where you don't have a fast enough connection to make them work seamlessly. Well with Radio Link Internet, our $45/month plan is perfect for doing just this. But you probably have an HDTV and your want those movies in HD. Well starting with our $55/month plan you can take advantage of in HD.IPv6

  • Unlimited usage - always on
  • Connect to multiple computers
  • Blazing fast speeds
  • Speeds are comparable to Fiber, without waiting for it


What you get...

What is not provided from us....

High Speed internet E-mail services (except free online ones)
Hassle free service Web space
Personal Support (RLI Service Only)  
IPv4 and/or IPv6 Access  


Where are we...

We are currently serving South Central Minnestoa, some of the areas are:





Steele County


Waseca County




Dodge County

New Richland

Blooming Prairie

Le Center


West Concord

Summit Township


South of Cannon Lake







Check out our Service Area link to view our map of possible coverage.

Who are we...

We are just that neighbor that was tired of waiting for the big companies to come to us. Our staff has former Military members that has worked with internet, satellite, and radio communications while serving in the Military. The owner brought his expertise in to make what could be the best service viva wireless technology in this area.

How are we different...

We have all lived with slow access to the internet. Most of that time it is because there isn't any other choice for internet providers. Well not anymore, here at RLI we believe that it's time for fast internet. Our system runs faster then our competition. How you might ask? Well if we look at our competitor's fastest residential service at 1mbps, and compare to our starting rate at 1.5mbps you can see you get more for less. We didn't stop there, most DSL and Fiber connections are around 2 to 50 mbps, so our service almost is the same as having DSL or Fiber without having to have a cable buried to your house.

If your still not convinced then lets compare it to dial-up. At our slowest speed 1.5mbps connection, this is over 27x faster then dial-up. Our fastest speed 30mbps connection is over 535x faster then dial-up. As you can see we provide you the speed you need for everything from e-mail to videos.

We didn't stop there, we all see commercials for VoIP services like Vonage. Well our network allows this service to have priority over all other internet traffic. With doing this you can use your VoIP phone service with out having the jitters while talking. Jitters are what happens on our competitors network, due to them not supporting new technologies like VoIP.

If you would like to know more about how we are different, call or e-mail us for an appointment.

Service Information...

This service requires a clear line of sight to one of RLI's towers. So the coverage map is just an estimate of coverage. We will be able to tell you if you can get service when we come and do a free site survey.